Saturday, April 17, 2010

Before & After pics - and final pounds/inches lost


Final TOTAL:

I lost a total of 37lbs and 41".

Bust: 39.75" to 34" - loss of 5.75"

Waist: 32.25 to 25" - loss of 7.25"

Hips: 38" to 32" - loss of 6"

Thighs: 42.75" to 34.5 - loss of 8.25"

Left Thigh: 24.5" to 19.5" - loss of 5"

Right Thigh: 24.75" to 20" - loss of 4.75"

Left Arm: 12" to 10" - loss of 2"

Right Arm: 12....5" to 10.5" - loss of 2"

Beginning jean size 12, jean size now 2 or 4.

Okay, as you can see- I lost more inches than I did pounds, guess that is why Dr. Simeon's called it "Pounds & Inches". I think I was as round as I was tall! Anyway- I'm having the best time with this... I'm having fun watching others lose weight, and seeing their bodies transform. I'm especially happy with my mom :) 49 days on hcg, and 45lbs lost - mom you are doing GREAT and I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Now we just gotta get dad on board...

I am compiling a bunch of information right now- which I email to people that are just starting on the diet. This consists of a cookbook for phase 2 and then one for phase 3. Along with grocery lists, weekly meal plans, etc. I also have a list of Do's and Don'ts that I send frequently for those just starting out- so if anyone is interested leave your email or send me a note- and I'd be happy to forward it to you!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Come Join us on Facebook!

There is a large group of us on facebook- come join! Chat, support, recipes, fun stuff!