Saturday, April 17, 2010

Before & After pics - and final pounds/inches lost


Final TOTAL:

I lost a total of 37lbs and 41".

Bust: 39.75" to 34" - loss of 5.75"

Waist: 32.25 to 25" - loss of 7.25"

Hips: 38" to 32" - loss of 6"

Thighs: 42.75" to 34.5 - loss of 8.25"

Left Thigh: 24.5" to 19.5" - loss of 5"

Right Thigh: 24.75" to 20" - loss of 4.75"

Left Arm: 12" to 10" - loss of 2"

Right Arm: 12....5" to 10.5" - loss of 2"

Beginning jean size 12, jean size now 2 or 4.

Okay, as you can see- I lost more inches than I did pounds, guess that is why Dr. Simeon's called it "Pounds & Inches". I think I was as round as I was tall! Anyway- I'm having the best time with this... I'm having fun watching others lose weight, and seeing their bodies transform. I'm especially happy with my mom :) 49 days on hcg, and 45lbs lost - mom you are doing GREAT and I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! Now we just gotta get dad on board...

I am compiling a bunch of information right now- which I email to people that are just starting on the diet. This consists of a cookbook for phase 2 and then one for phase 3. Along with grocery lists, weekly meal plans, etc. I also have a list of Do's and Don'ts that I send frequently for those just starting out- so if anyone is interested leave your email or send me a note- and I'd be happy to forward it to you!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Come Join us on Facebook!

There is a large group of us on facebook- come join! Chat, support, recipes, fun stuff!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hey Mikey! He Liked it!

Miracle Noodles are a GOOOOO! Dan liked my Shrimp Scampi with Miracle Noodles- I cannot wait to try these on phase 3!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Miracle Nooooodles....

Ok. Took another plunge and ordered "miracle noodles" and am going to use my husband's taste buds as a guinea pig :) My first recipe... Shrimp Scampi. One of his favorites- however, he cannot have carbs until Phase 4 and these special noodies don't have any carbs...

I will check in tomorrow, and let you know if he likes... or doesn't like. I have to say- I read about them online on the hcg forums, so I ordered- but you would not believe how they show up! They are packed in water, and squishy! I will post a picture of the packaging... and of the finished result!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I tried something - from my FAVORITE hcg forum...

1 Yerba Mate tea bag
1 Dandilion Roodt tea bag
1 Green Tea tea bag

Steep for 3 minutes, drink two large cups at night.

I LOST 2LBS OVERNIGT!!! I was averaging MAYBE 2 oz. or NOTHING a day because I'm down to the wire which has made these last pounds painfully slow- however, this WORKED. I'm going to try it tonight again and see if it was a fluke... but I don't think so! You GOTTA try this!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ok... update and such!

This week has been crazy. The funny thing about shrinking in front of everyone, is everyone wants to know what the heck you are doing to lose the weight. That is fun, but at the same time scary. This is not a "normal" diet. It is hard. It goes against conventional health and fitness beliefs. It is an entirely new concept, that is very much- old. By that I mean, it's been around since the 50's.... so, because of what the diet entails, I almost hesitate when people ask me what I'm doing because right off they say "that isn't healthy" and so on. Well, if you consider starving yourself all day long trying to lose weight healthy, then go for it. On this diet, although it limited me to 500 calories per day, I still ate more on this diet than on some days before I started!!! Not only did I lose weight quickly, I have not felt this good in I don't know how long. I have cut out sugar, I have cut out refined starches, I am drinking an ungodly amount of water... how can that be a bad thing?

Anyway- I digress. I am going through and keeping track of everyone I know on this diet...

Ali (friend)- on phase 4 and stabilized WAY under last weigh in amount
Gwynn (cousin) - on phase 4 - starting another round to lose just the last bit of body fat hanging around
Aunt Margo - on phase 4 - and starting another round
Jacki (friend)- currently on phase 2, has lost a whopping 60lbs
Angie (SIL)- currently on phase 4, lost 47lbs - body fat down to 19% - stabilizing under last weigh in amount
Amy (friend)- currently on phase 2 - just started another round - lost 25lbs first round
Tony (BIL)- currently on first round of phase 2 wk 3 - almost 25lbs lost
Dan (hubbie)- began phase 4 after 23 day round, lost 24lbs in 23 days
Aunt Sally- first round of phase 2 wk 2, down 16lbs
Judy (mom) - first round of phase 2 wk 3, down 25lbs
Aunt Julie - starting first round this week
Erika - first round
Tammy -first round, down 20lbs wk 3
Wendy -first round
Lisa - first round
Sonja - first round of phase 2, wk 3 - 16lbs
John (BIL) - 2nd round of phase 2 - 37lbs
Mary - first round
Hayley - first round, 18lbs
Scott - 2nd round
German - 2nd round
Deann - on phase 3 maintaining

WOW. When I write it all down... that is a LOT OF PEOPLE!

I have been reading a lot of different forums, and new facebook pages. It's frustrating, because I'm naturally a very bossy person and when people are doing things that are so far off protocol, it drives me nuts. I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. I follow the original Dr. Simeons protocol. I refer frequently to "Pounds & Inches". I do not deviate, because I want to maximize my results. There are so many new plans out there, that allow so many things that are WAY off protocol. Secondly, they are mostly homeopathic versions of HCG which don't even contain HCG. They trick your body into creating it's own HCG... whereas the prescription form actually contains HCG. They are 2 different things, and work on different principles. I started off on homeopathic and stalled after 2 wks. I was frustrated... and started reading about the differences. Needless to say- I switched to prescription, and never had hunger or stalls again. It was so much more consistent!!!

I started my own facebook page for HCG. It currently has all my family and pals on there - supporting each other with recipes, updates, successes, failures and more. If you'd like to join - here is the link!!/pages/HCG-Metamorphosis/365403893267?ref=ts

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dan is almost done...

My husband starts his 3 days of no drops and VLCD tomorrow. In 23 days he has gone from 183.4lbs t0 162lbs - I will post the final results when he is done on Friday. I'm so proud of him. In his line of work as a firefighter- this has not been easy. He has to be away from home at the firehouse for 24 hour shifts, trying not to cheat with all the goodies brought to him and his crew.

As the story goes, one of his crew members tried to steal one of his shrimps out of his salad- he almost lost an arm! After the first week, this was easy for him, he has not suffered from being hungry, shaky or grumpy (anymore than usual that is). So- for all you men out there who are skeptical on trying this because it's a hormone and you are worried you will find yourself in a training bra... don't worry. I know several men doing this right now, and all are having phenomenal results!!

I'm still working on 3 lbs... I shall prevail!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Thanks to Christine, I have a recipe to share! Phase 2 onion rings! In my food processor- I ground up a whole box of roasted garlic melba snacks (finely ground). Cut large yellow onion in to rings, and soak them in cold water do 30 minutes. Put the crumbs mixed with sea salt, cajun seasoning and rings in a large zippie, shake shake shake then bake at 375 til' done!

OMGOOOODNESS they were yummy!!!! The crumbs that are left over, I added to ground beef to complete my minin meatloaf recipe :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 29 VCLD...

I'm hovering at the same weight... it stinks. I have to ask myself, do I have anymore to lose? I look at places on my body and say YES. I just don't think my body agrees. I fit into a size 26 Citizens Jeans so that means I'm down another size so I should probably try and quit worrying about 3 measly pounds but DARN IT I want those 3lbs gone!!!

My lucky duck husband has lost over 17lbs since starting on the 15th. I swear, I didn't think I'd make it through the first week living with him, but now he thinks the diet is a piece of cake. Well, lets say a piece of chicken cause thinking about cake makes me want cake. I think he weighs less than he did when we got married, at 166lbs right now. He has always been very athletic and muscular and likes being able to see those muscles a little better now that the nice layer of fat that covered them is gone! Still workin' on those luv handles tho.

My mom started last thursday- and as of today is down 14lbs. She is feeling good, energized- the only issue is the amount of time she spends in the potty due to all the water intake! I made mini meatloafs the other day, compliments of my sister. Of course she follows the diet a little bit differently than I do- she mixes her veggies. Bad girl. I am not one of those gals who can deviate from the original protocol without consequences... so I don't mix veggies and fruits. So here is my modified version of her mini meatloaf recipe:

1lb LEAN ground beef
3T Minced Garlic
3T Minced Onion (dehydrated)
1 egg white
6-7 Roasted Garlic Melba Snacks- ground
Sea Salt & Pepper to taste and any other herbs (no starch included) that you like in your meatloaf.
Shape into balls and place in large muffin cup tin - bake at 375 for about 30 minutes and voila!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 23 VLCD...

I'm almost there! 4 more pounds til' my goal and I'M DONE!!! Today will be my husbands 11th day on VLCD and he is down 13lbs. It's amazing how quickly this has worked for him with having so little body fat to lose. Yesterday he had his first day of "no hunger" issues- and couldn't finish his dinner last night. So for you men out there who are afraid of the "hungries" it gets better after about a week!!!

My mom starts VLCD today- next Aunt Sally and Aunt Julie starting next week. Pretty soon my whole family will be HCG'd!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 16 VLCD...

I'm stuck :( this is the worst!! I guess if I don't budge again on the scale tomorrow I will be doing an apple day. I just hate going into a weekend with no changes in the scale - I know the last few pounds were going to be tough, but not this tough!!

Good news, my husband started VLCD on Monday- and is down 9lbs today. He only has about 15 to lose at MOST so at this rate, he ought to be done in a week!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The HCG Forums that I frequent for question answering and all sorts of diet related information has been moved to:

Will check in when I can- to post update!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 11 VLCD...

Down 1lb 2 oz! Wahoo! I did decide to do a Jay Robb shake yesterday after all, and I think it's paying off. At this rate I should be done in another week- oh one can only hope!!! I seem to drop a pound, then the next day- nothing... drop a pound and so on. Oh well, I can live with it!! As long as it's coming off. Need to measure myself too- I keep forgetting to do that!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 10 VLCD...

No loss... No gain.... hm. Today I'm going to have a normal day - no Jay Robb shakes for me. Last night I had one for dinner- chocolate with fresh strawberries blended in. It was YUMMMMY!

Dan has definitely committed to starting the diet. He begins loading tomorrow... I'm trying to figure out what I can have on hand for him to eat without killing myself wanting to eat the same thing!! I'm so excited!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 9 VLCD...

Down a pound! WOO HOOOOOO! Yesterday I swapped out my evening protein with a Jay Rob shake. I used vanilla, with a couple drops of Valencia orange stevia drops in a blender with water and ice... it tasted like an orange creamsicle! Today, I plan on doing this again- and then tomorrow I'm going to go back to two normal protein services to switch it up again. I think this will be good for me on weekends too... they are always the hardest for me!!!

I think my husband will be starting a program on Monday... I'm so excited, it will make it so much easier for me if he's doing it with me. He has about 10lbs to lose, and carries his weight around his middle- he can lose 10lbs without even thinking about it but it never seems to reduce his middle so I think this might do the trick! I finally have him convinced!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 8 VLCD....

Ok. No budge on the scale. Hmmmmm, in reviewing my caloric intake for yesterday I find that I was only at 460 :( CARP. Today, I'm going to eat steak instead of shrimp, for lunch... and try the protein shake for dinner. I found that yesterday having the shake for lunch- I was really hungry in the afternoon, and being hungry at work is HARD because there is always so much to munch on around here!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 7 VLCD...

Ok :) I'm back to where I started at on Saturday morning... before my Super Bowl party extravaganza...

Today I'm trying something knew that I read about on the HCG Forums. I'm replacing one of my protein portions with a "Jay Robb" shake. Evidently, those who have tried this have seen greater losses the next day. I went to GNC last night, and they had sample packs- so I bought 4 to see how I do with them. This way, you are getting a TON of protein, but none of the fat content a normal portion of 3.5oz has... I know this is totally off protocol but I thought I'd give it a try. Tune in tomorrow, I'll be praying for a nice LOSS!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 6... VLCD

Down another pound... and then na da because Super Bowl Sunday was an "off day" if you catch my drift!!! So I'm having an apple day to correct my faux pas :) So we'll see what happens tomorrow. So happy to have a day where I don't have to drown myself in water!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 3 VLCD

Lost another pound :) Not bad for a couple days work! Still not having any issues with hunger or cravings. I even braved Costco and it's infamous SAMPLE aisle without missing a beat! I think the memory of how bad I felt after my loading days is still fresh on my mind. I will post my weight and measurements on Wednesday and see how they match up to my measuremants on my final day of HCG last round. I won't be posting any pictures in my skivvies until I hit my goal weight though...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 2 VLCD

WOO HOOOOOOO! Guess how much I lost overnight :) GUESS. AHAHAHAHAHAH. 4 lbs 10 oz since yesterday :) I feel SO MUCH BETTER. Sorry to be shouting, I'm just so happy!!! What did I do yesterday? I ate all of my fruit, veggies and protein but cut out the melba. Not by choice, because I didn't have any and I'm not making a special trip to the store for it either... I also had a cup of sugar free International Coffee last night and it doesn't appear to have affected me but I will play that by ear for sure.

Here is what I ate my first VLCD day:

Morning- drops
Coffee & Water til' noon
Lunch: 3.5oz steak, 1 large Roma Tomato, 1 apple
Dinner: 3.5oz chicken, 1 cucumber, 1/2 apple
1 cup Sugar Free French Vanilla International Coffee

I wasn't hungry- ever. Thank God!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Oh Praise God. I love phase 2. It's so easy, and I feel SO much better :) I had a nice simple lunch of steak, tomato and apple- and haven't had a problem with hunger at all today. I'm hoping that I lose the 6lbs that I gained on my two loading days!!! I never want to feel that awful again!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I hate loading days.

Day 2... I cannot wait to be done with loading days. I feel like my body just went through WWIII. Every inch of my body feels bruised. Keep in mind, I have been clean eating since October. Eating whatever I want these past two days, has definitely taken it's toll on my body. I feel bruised all over, swollen and sick to my stomach. This is amazing, how does a poor diet affect your body? Well, now I know!!!! Is it worth it? NO. I cannot wait to be on VLCD tomorrow!! YAY FOR PHASE 2!

I must be crazy.

Monday, February 1, 2010

DAY ONE... Loading again!

My final round of HCG starts today!!! I want to lose 10 lbs. I stabilized on Phase 3, (the past 3 weeks) at 121lbs. So... that means, today is day one of loading. This is crazy. I don't like eating this junk however, when I start VLCD on tuesday I know I will look back on these 2 loading days with LONGING so I'd better start packing in the grub! I have not had pasta since October of last year... I had some over the weekend and my weight stayed the same which made me VERY happy. After eating all day, my body feels bruised sluggish and just down right GROSS. My last round, I stuffed food in and didn't gain an ounce on my 2 loading days. This time around, I am going to make sure I gain if I have to eat an entire vat of guacamole.

This will be a 23 day round for me, and I'm hoping that with all I learned during my last rounds that this will be trouble free for me. Somehow... I doubt it tho. Be sure to tune in daily for more adventures in HCG with Melissa.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 12, Phase 3

Ok, so I've been MIA for a bit. I have decided that I DON'T LIKE PHASE 3. I liked the safety and security that was Phase 2. Where it was all laid out, and things worked if you chose to follow the protocol exactly. With Phase 3, there is more guesswork. It's a day by day process where you are not exactly sure what is going to happen when you gingerly set foot on your bathroom scale in the morning. If you are an ounce over 2 lbs from your weight the last day of drops... then it's steak day. I have had to have 2 steak days so far on phase 3 and they are entirely MY FAULT. I went out to dinner with the gals- and ate starches (in the form of sweet potato fries) that are a no no. At work the other day, I got attacked by red licorice... it was a bad bad day. I went out to dinner again last night and was slightly up again this morning, because one I had 3 beverages that contained sugar in them. Also, I didn't come anywhere near drinking enough water. So today, I'm puffed up and feel like the stay puffed marshmallow man again.

I have a little over a week left of Phase 3, and then I can go back on to Phase 2 for my final round. I simply cannot wait!!!

Don't let me discourage you- or make you afraid of Phase 3. If you do what you are supposed to do, then you will probably not have to worry about steak days or fluctuations... I'm just being a big cry baby as usual!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 4, Phase 3

Still staying within a pound of my LW. Which amazes me. I feel like I've done NOTHING but chow down for 4 days... and "set your metabolism high" keeps playing in the back of my mind so I keep shoving in more and more protein. Not so fun on the tummy, because my system is NOT used to eating this amount of protein so I might look in to purchasing some digestive enzymes to help process! TONS of water is needed, it's amazing. I drank more than 2 liters- and I noticed my toes were cramping last night which surprised me. Tonight I'm going out with the girls for a Birthday celebration, so we will see what the scale says tomorrow. I tried a "mug cake" last night and it was YUMM-Y!!!!

2 T almond flour
1 T cocoa
1 1/2 T xylitol
1 egg
2 T cream or half and half
1 T oil (olive oil or coconut oil)
splash of vanilla
Bake in micro for 90 sec.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

THE BIG UPDATE :) Final Loss Report!

I began this diet at 147lbs- ended at 119

Here are the measurements:

Bust: 39.25" Now 33.5" - total loss 5.75"
Waist: 32.25" Now 25.5" - total loss 6.75"
Hips: 38" Now 33" - total loss 5"
Thighs: 42.75" Now 36.6" - total loss 6.25"
L Arm: 12" Now 10.5" - total loss 1.5"
R Arm: 12.5" Now 11" - total loss 1.5"
L Thi: 24.25" Now 20.5" - total loss 3.75"
R Thi: 24.75" Now 21.5" - total loss 3.25"

Total loss in inches: 27.5"
Total loss in pounds: 28

I will post a picture tonight!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 2 of Phase 3...

I gained a little under a pound... I'm not going to freak out yet, because I was told this might happen due to any traces of the HCG being in my system. Today I'm going to be MUCHO careful on everything that goes into my mouth... also- I took smooth move yesterday- and nothing happened, so there is that little issue as well! I feel like the stay puffed marshmallow man!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Phase 3 Begins...

I will post pictures and final weight loss tally on Thursday :) Phase 3 begins today, I woke up this morning losing another 6 oz. So, I went from 147 - to 119 in a few short months, through the worst part of the year for dieting... being Thanksgiving and Christmas! I went from a size 12 to a size 2 or 4!

I will post my weight tomorrow, along with a complete overview of what I ate today to up my caloric intake... that way you can see the results, and I PRAY I DON'T GAIN!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Final Day of Round 2... SCARED SCARED SCARED

Well, woke up today down 6 oz which is good I guess although my stomach has been JACKED UP since Friday!!! Tomorrow I start Phase 3 and I have no idea what to expect. My biggest fear is gaining weight, which is stressing me out! Phase 2 is so simple, cut and dry- this is what you can eat and what you can't... Phase 3 isn't so black and white. I plan on starting my Phase 3 working my way up to 1500 calories, and only eating the same foods as I have been but in larger quantities. That amount seems so astronomical, given I've survived happily on 500 calories since October. How on earth am I going to eat that much???? I will also be starting my P90X dvd's... hopefully that will help with the mental part of eating so much more and my profound fear of gaining weight. Relying heavily on advice from the forums... wish me luck!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

1st day of VLCD with no drops...

Did an apple day yesterday, was up ALL NIGHT in the bathroom- and only lost a pound. AHHHHH. Oh well. Today I felt awful until I ate lunch... now I'm just hoping I don't end up in the bathroom all day with whatever is wrong with me. I think my body is ready to go back to eating a few more calories, because I've been starving lately!!! Will keep you posted tomorrow, hoping to God I don't gain!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Today is my LAST DAY OF DROPS!

Well, I made it through the holidays maintaining within a pound of my weight on the 24th of December :) So, I'm happy for that. A couple ups, a couple downs- and here I am still at 119. I'm doing an apple day today because I've been stalled for 4 days now. These last couple pounds are KILLING ME. Today will be my last day of drops, tomorrow will begin my 72 hour (3 days) of dieting without the drops. This should be interesting. So... Tuesday- I will officially be on phase 3! I'm scared... I'm excited... I'm ready to stabilize and get on with life!!