Thursday, March 18, 2010

Miracle Nooooodles....

Ok. Took another plunge and ordered "miracle noodles" and am going to use my husband's taste buds as a guinea pig :) My first recipe... Shrimp Scampi. One of his favorites- however, he cannot have carbs until Phase 4 and these special noodies don't have any carbs...

I will check in tomorrow, and let you know if he likes... or doesn't like. I have to say- I read about them online on the hcg forums, so I ordered- but you would not believe how they show up! They are packed in water, and squishy! I will post a picture of the packaging... and of the finished result!!!


  1. Don't be shocked when you open them. They are STINKY!!! You have to rinse them really good to get the fishy smell away.

  2. Mel I sent you a message...
    Can you PLEASE just tell me the site that you bought the RX HCG from and are using? How long did it take to get it??

  3. Jan, I don't order from a site anymore! I don't have a webiste for you to go to! I just emailed you!