Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dan is almost done...

My husband starts his 3 days of no drops and VLCD tomorrow. In 23 days he has gone from 183.4lbs t0 162lbs - I will post the final results when he is done on Friday. I'm so proud of him. In his line of work as a firefighter- this has not been easy. He has to be away from home at the firehouse for 24 hour shifts, trying not to cheat with all the goodies brought to him and his crew.

As the story goes, one of his crew members tried to steal one of his shrimps out of his salad- he almost lost an arm! After the first week, this was easy for him, he has not suffered from being hungry, shaky or grumpy (anymore than usual that is). So- for all you men out there who are skeptical on trying this because it's a hormone and you are worried you will find yourself in a training bra... don't worry. I know several men doing this right now, and all are having phenomenal results!!

I'm still working on 3 lbs... I shall prevail!!

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