Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ok... update and such!

This week has been crazy. The funny thing about shrinking in front of everyone, is everyone wants to know what the heck you are doing to lose the weight. That is fun, but at the same time scary. This is not a "normal" diet. It is hard. It goes against conventional health and fitness beliefs. It is an entirely new concept, that is very much- old. By that I mean, it's been around since the 50's.... so, because of what the diet entails, I almost hesitate when people ask me what I'm doing because right off they say "that isn't healthy" and so on. Well, if you consider starving yourself all day long trying to lose weight healthy, then go for it. On this diet, although it limited me to 500 calories per day, I still ate more on this diet than on some days before I started!!! Not only did I lose weight quickly, I have not felt this good in I don't know how long. I have cut out sugar, I have cut out refined starches, I am drinking an ungodly amount of water... how can that be a bad thing?

Anyway- I digress. I am going through and keeping track of everyone I know on this diet...

Ali (friend)- on phase 4 and stabilized WAY under last weigh in amount
Gwynn (cousin) - on phase 4 - starting another round to lose just the last bit of body fat hanging around
Aunt Margo - on phase 4 - and starting another round
Jacki (friend)- currently on phase 2, has lost a whopping 60lbs
Angie (SIL)- currently on phase 4, lost 47lbs - body fat down to 19% - stabilizing under last weigh in amount
Amy (friend)- currently on phase 2 - just started another round - lost 25lbs first round
Tony (BIL)- currently on first round of phase 2 wk 3 - almost 25lbs lost
Dan (hubbie)- began phase 4 after 23 day round, lost 24lbs in 23 days
Aunt Sally- first round of phase 2 wk 2, down 16lbs
Judy (mom) - first round of phase 2 wk 3, down 25lbs
Aunt Julie - starting first round this week
Erika - first round
Tammy -first round, down 20lbs wk 3
Wendy -first round
Lisa - first round
Sonja - first round of phase 2, wk 3 - 16lbs
John (BIL) - 2nd round of phase 2 - 37lbs
Mary - first round
Hayley - first round, 18lbs
Scott - 2nd round
German - 2nd round
Deann - on phase 3 maintaining

WOW. When I write it all down... that is a LOT OF PEOPLE!

I have been reading a lot of different forums, and new facebook pages. It's frustrating, because I'm naturally a very bossy person and when people are doing things that are so far off protocol, it drives me nuts. I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. I follow the original Dr. Simeons protocol. I refer frequently to "Pounds & Inches". I do not deviate, because I want to maximize my results. There are so many new plans out there, that allow so many things that are WAY off protocol. Secondly, they are mostly homeopathic versions of HCG which don't even contain HCG. They trick your body into creating it's own HCG... whereas the prescription form actually contains HCG. They are 2 different things, and work on different principles. I started off on homeopathic and stalled after 2 wks. I was frustrated... and started reading about the differences. Needless to say- I switched to prescription, and never had hunger or stalls again. It was so much more consistent!!!

I started my own facebook page for HCG. It currently has all my family and pals on there - supporting each other with recipes, updates, successes, failures and more. If you'd like to join - here is the link!!/pages/HCG-Metamorphosis/365403893267?ref=ts

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